Alloy wheel damage risks are everywhere

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Kerbing is the accidental grinding of an alloy wheel rim against a kerb stone - probably the most common of the alloy wheel damage risks.

Its easy done with many of todays vehicles having larger alloy rims and lower profile tyres which together expose the rim to kerb height or lower.

Normal cast alloy wheels are easily repaired by refurbishment specialists but some wheels such as Diamond Cut may have to be taken to a specialist.

Providing your car does not have chrome finish or split rim, car2cover Alloy Wheel Insurance may be worth consideration.

The number of pot holes on UK roads is increasing by the day. Pot holes are a cause of substantial expense to UK car users.

Accidentally hitting a pot hole is one of the more common alloy wheel damage risks.

Continuing to drive on a damaged alloy wheel can be dangerous, the wheel may become unbalanced and its structure may be cracked.

Alloy Wheel Insurance enables you to have a specialist inspect and repair your alloy wheel at your home or place of work.

Pothole damage

Road debris


If you have ever stopped at the side of a busy road you will have seen for yourself the extent of debris on our roads.

Debris including the broken contents of potholes, rubble and material dropped by overloaded trucks and other odd and unrecognisable objects.

Alloy wheels for many of us are an attractive focal point of our car but sadly they are close to and at high risk of collision wit road debris. 

car2cover Alloy Wheel Insurance will take care of accidental cosmetic damage caused in these cases, helping you keep your eye candy in tip-top condition.

Cracked alloy wheels

Kerbing, pot hole damage and road damage can cause an alloy wheel to crack or become unsafe.

Many of todays alloy wheels are manufactured to be lightweight to aid fuel economy. Lightweight alloy wheels are often more susceptible to cracking and may require a replacement.

Some Alloy Wheel Insurance do not cover claims in which the alloy wheel requires replacement, but we are pleased to advise you - ours does.

Should you suffer damage that requires the wheel to be replaced, our policy will pay a contribution of up to £150.00 



  • Kerbing is an easy mistake to make,

  • Pot hole damage is widespread throught the UK,

  • Rpad debris can be found at the side of most busy roads,

  • Alloy wheel damage risks are high,

  • Driving on a damaged alloy wheel could be dangerous and potentially catastrophic,

  • Alloy wheel damage might happen when you least expect it and when you can least afford a repair.


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