Is Contract Hire & Finance Lease Gap Insurance available to you?

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Answer 'yes' to all of these - you may be able to buy!

Are you over 18 years of age and UK resident?

Does your vehicle have a purchase price of £75,000 or less?

Are you the person or company named on the Contract Hire or Finance Lease agreement?

Is your monthly payment including vat £1,000 or less?

Is your Contract Hire or Finance Lease agreement period no more than 60 months?

Will you provide a fully comprehensive non motor trade insurance for the full period of cover?

Did you take delivery of your vehicle within the last 90 days?

Is/was your vehicle supplier a franchise dealer, ie a main dealer?

Is your vehicle less than12 months old?

Has your vehicle travelled less than 10,000 miles at the start of this policy?

Is your vehicle a car or Light Commercial Vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight of less than 3500kg,

Is your vehicle registered in the United Kingdom?

Do you hold a valid license to drive your vehicle?

You acquired your vehicle from a UK motor dealer, broker or Contract Hire or Leasing company?

Answer 'yes' to any of these and 'sorry, we are unable to offer cover'.

Do you intend to performance modify your vehicle after the start of your lease agreement?

Is your vehicle a grey import which was originally manufactured for use in another country?

If you are a company, is the company registered outside the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man?

Is your vehicle left hand drive?

Is your vehicle used for taxi, private hire, chauffeuring, emergency service, courier or driving school use?

Is your motor insurance a motor trade policy?

Have you suffered a theft or accidental damage on the vehicle for which you are considering this cover?

Do you intend to rally, race, pacemake, speed test or participate in track day or competitive events?

Did you purchase your vehicle with cash, loan, Hire Purchase or PCP?

Did you purchase your vehicle from an auction or non retail motor dealer?

The above is a summary. Before purchasing please read the Terms and Conditions of this policy carefully to ensure it meets your needs and you meet it’s eligibility criteria. For full eligibility and policy Terms & Conditions please view the Terms and Conditions policy document.


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