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Protects against loss and debt - because a write off happens every 90 seconds

EASY to arrange - SIMPLE to claim - 'A' rated insurer - 5 star rated - Low online prices!

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Cover all named drivers on your fully comprehensive motor insurance. 

It's included in our price!


Up to £500 of your motor insurers write off excess paid. Also includes excess cover for non write off motor claims. It's included in our price!


Covers unlimited factory fitted options and £1500 of dealer accessories

We can't be


But give it a try, here's a check list

We only use independently 'A' rated global insurers
No claim limit on cars up to £50k, £50k limit thereafter
Covers unlimited number/value of factory fitted options
Covers up to £1500 dealer accessories fitted to vehicle
Covers up to £500 of your non write off excess

FREE policy amendments
Covers up to 30 days car hire costs
Claims paid to you and NOT your motor dealer

Covers up to £500 toward your write off excess

Any driver 18 yrs of age + covered if named driver

Subject to policy terms and conditions

Buy two or more policies for the same vehicle and enjoy low online prices plus up to an extra £30 multi policy discount!

Offer excludes motor insurance and paint & upholstery treatments.


facts about vehicle write off's.

One vehicle every 90 seconds is written off in the UK.





When a write off occurs, your motor insurer will only pay what the vehicle is worth at the time of write off

Your write off settlement is likely to be a lot less than you originally paid and you are likely to lose money

If you have financed or leased, your motor insurer's settlement may not be enough to clear your debt

There are Gap Insurances for cash buyers and for those who financed or leased their vehicle

We offer 2 types of Gap Insurance to protect you against these financial losses



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Gap Insurance

Your Gap Options

* The above are simple, short descriptions of how each of these insurances work. As you would expect with all insurances, they each have Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria. Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions document to assess suitability for your needs.




If you are unfortunate and experience a write off, you could lose a considerable amount of money. That's because your motor insurer is unlikely to pay what you paid for your vehicle. All vehicles reduce in value every month and many are worth just 30% of their cost over a 3 year period. 

If you have financed or leased your vehicle, the loss of outlay is not your only worry. You could still owe more than your insurer agrees to pay - leaving you with no car, a debt to pay and a deposit to find for a replacement.

Whether you purchased with cash, loan, Hire Purchase, PCP, Finance Lease or Contract Hire - we have a Gap Insurance to help protect you.



Our Gap insurance doesn't just protect you against loss or debt. They are packed with extra features that may not be found elsewhere and all are designed to give you extra value and protection.

For example, all of our Gap Insurances will also pay up to £500 towards your motor insurers write off excess charge. Our cover will also cover all named drivers on your motor insurance, providing they are at least 18 years old. Unlike policies elsewhere, ours provides cover for an unlimited number of factory fitted options and unlimited number of dealer accessories plus delivery charges, number plates and first registration fees if the vehicle is new.

Our Contract Hire and Finance Lease cover will also pay up to three of your original advance rentals - to help you with a deposit for a replacement if the worst should happen.



Our Gap Insurance is available providing cover is purchased and started within 180 days of vehicle delivery from a motor dealer, broker or leasing company.

Depending on the type of Gap Insurance you need, cover can be available for vehicles up to 10 years old and less than 100,000 miles. Mileage is not limited during the period of cover. 

Our cover is available for vehicles with a purchase price up to £125,000.00 including all extras and after discount is deducted. We regret we are unable to provide cover for motorhomes or any vehicle used for Hire and Reward, Courier, Driving School or Emergency Service use.

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We also offer multi policy discounts when combined with additional insurances!

* The above are simple, short descriptions of how each of these insurances work. As you would expect with all insurances, they each have Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria. Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions document to assess suitability for your needs.

"During my search, I found car2cover to be head & shoulders above the rest. An 'A' rated insurer, better cover than their competitors, a 5 star rating and half the price of my dealer."

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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

Female customer

I W Leicestershire

This company is very easy to do business with. The website is very easy to use and when I had to make a claim a couple of years ago, they handled it very efficiently. Would recommend to anyone.

Female customer

J S Lancashire

Claim settled very quickly

These testimonials are voluntarily submitted by our policyholders to the independent review collecting organisation 'Trusted Shops'. All reviews are verified by them and published on their website. Images provided are not images of our policyholders

Male customer

JB B London.

This is the third policy I have had. I claimed once on a previous policy 3 years ago and service was prompt, efficient and quibble free

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