Agreed Value Gap Insurance

For vehicles purchased from a private seller or from a dealer over 180 days ago.

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What will it do for you?

“ In the event of an insurance write off as a result of an accident, fire or most commonly theft, our Agreed Value Gap Insurance will pay the difference between what your insurer agrees to pay – and 105% of Glasses Guide Retail value of the vehicle at the time of purchasing this cover“

"Having woke this morning and checked the bank account it is a huge relief to confirm we are in funds to the tune of £26,441.69. I cannot thank you all enough for this back to invoice GAP payment......I can confirm that your policy has indeed lived up to the claimed benefit `back to invoice’ and for that - I thank you"

Mr A Preen, February 2019

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Can I buy it?

The statistics do not lie.

According to the Association of British Insurers, over 500,000 vehicles are written off every year. To put this into perspective, this means 57 vehicles per hour, every hour, every day and night are written off.

Whilst those numbers include road traffic accidents, professional theft forms a major part of those statistics. While vehicle security systems have improved to the point that theft by ‘joy riders’ is now a very rare occurrence, there is an extremely lucrative market for the professional thief who will find a way to overcome the very best security systems – even if it means first stealing the keys. A vehicle is often our second highest investment and its portability and value even in dismantled component part form makes it a very attractive and easy target. The statistics do not lie, 57 vehicles per hour every hour night and day – 365 days per year.

What will Agreed Value Gap Insurance do for you?

When a write off occurs, fully comprehensive insurers will only pay the depreciated value at the time of write off. For example, in year 3 of ownership, an insurer might pay 30 – 35% of the original vehicle purchase price, leaving the owner with an unexpected and unplanned expense.

Agreed Value Gap Insurance will pay the difference between;

  • a) the insurers claim settlement and,

  • b) 105% of the retail value of the insured vehicle at the time of purchasing the gap cover.

Retail value is determined by Glasses Guide at the start of the cover. With this protection, replacing the vehicle will be much more pleasurable and will prevent a financial burden. Agreed Value Gap Insurance may be purchased by and suitable for cash buyers and financed buyers alike.


A simple example of how the Agreed Value Gap Insurance works.

  • A customer has owned his vehicle for a year and wishes to protect it with Gap Insurance.

  • Based on the vehicle age, mileage and specification, Glasses Guide provide a retail valuation of £13,000.00

  • Three years later, the car is stolen and written off by the insurer.

  • The insurer agrees to pay the depreciated value at the time of write off which is £5,000.00.

  • In this example, the customer would need to find £8,000.00 to be able to purchase a similar replacement.

Agreed Value Gap Insurance would pay that difference of £8,000.00 directly to the customer to enable him to spend £13,000.00 on a replacement.

It is extremely low cost by comparison.

Is it good value? Consider these comparisons and examples. The cost of mobile phone insurance for an iPhone or smartphone is approximately £11 per month which means over a three year period we might pay £396.00 to protect a £500 risk. As an example, Agreed Value Gap Insurance, on the other hand, can cover up to £20,000.00 of risk on a £25,000.00 car for as little as £159 for a full three year period. When compared to fully comprehensive insurance the value is undoubted. Our fully comprehensive insurance premium might, for example, be £350 per annum, so over a 3 year period we might pay at least £1,050.00 and yet the fully comprehensive insurer's risk is reducing year on year in line with the vehicles falling value. The fully comprehensive insurer also has the ability to increase premiums annually to pay for the cost of claims of others. The gap insurer, on the other hand, collects one small fixed premium to protect the increasing depreciation risk year on year.

So, do you need it and is it a worthwhile investment and good value? – That is for you to decide, but you must agree based on the ABI’s write off statistics – there are compelling reasons to give it serious consideration.

Unrivalled Cover Features*

  • Our policies do not have a ‘Market Value’ clause – our policies pay in addition to your motor insurers settlement,

  • Our insurer will make claim payment directly to the policyholder and will not source a replacement on your behalf – to provide you greater freedom of choice,

  • Cover includes theft where the thief first gains access to the vehicle keys – a common form of theft today,

  • Our policies do not apply a depreciation to your vehicle’s value if you delay your Gap Insurance purchase,

  • Up to £250 paid toward your motor insurers excess deduction,

  • Our policies cover all drivers named on your motor insurance policy – including provisional licence holders,

  • Modified vehicles covered providing your motor insurer has approved and insured the modification,

  • Written commitment with the terms to settle your claim within 10 days of your motor insurers settlement,

  • Cover available for new and used cars, light vans, and motorcycles up to 10 years of age,

  • 1 – 4 year cover available on most Gap Insurance products,

  • No claim limits for vehicles costing up to £75,000.00,

Your ‘Peace Of Mind’ Features*

  • Our policies and feature set are better than anything else on the market – guaranteed!

  • Our insurer does not reserve the right to cancel your policy during the term of the policy – beware of those that do,

  • All policies covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS),

  • Major ‘A’ rated Insurer with London branch and UK claims team,

  • We are in our 13th year of trading online and are a directly FSA/FCA regulated specialist Gap Insurance broker, trusted by thousands of customers every year since 2007,

  • We are probably the most experienced and knowledgeable Gap Insurance people in the market – 12 years online and 30 years within motor dealerships,

  • Independently rated 5 Star cover,

  • Featured in Which? magazine,

Customer Friendly Features*

  • Free policy amendments, no charge for address or registration number changes,

  • Our Agreed Value Gap policies are transferable free of charge if you change your vehicle,

  • Our policies are cancellable with a pro-rata refund of unused premium less a £20 cancellation fee,

  • Change your vehicle during your period of cover and receive a refund of unused premium to use toward the purchase of a new policy from us,

  • FREE transfer to next of kin upon death.

The above list represents some of the key benefit features, please refer to the full policy terms and conditions for greater detail. Always read the policy Terms and Conditions before buying anywhere!

In cases of a policy transfer to another vehicle, if the purchase price of the replacement vehicle exceeds the price of the original vehicle, a small additional premium may be required. In the event of a claim, the cost of fuel is not covered. Please refer to policy terms and conditions for more detail. Please call 01438 870615 for further details.

* The policy Terms & Conditions and features apply to policies purchased on or after 1st October 2018, for terms and features on policies purchased before the 1st October 2018 please refer to your original policy documents issued.

You can buy this cover if…

  • You purchased your vehicle privately or you purchased your vehicle from a dealer but have owned the vehicle more than 180 days,

  • Your car, van or motorcycle is under 10 years of age and less than 100,000 miles at the start of cover,

  • You are the person/company named as the policyholder or named driver on the motor insurance policy,

  • Your car, van or motorcycle retail value does not exceed £75,000 at time of cover purchase,

  • Your vehicle was purchased with cash or if it was financed,

  • You are the V5 registered keeper of the vehicle (Contract Hire agreements not covered),

  • Your vehicle is listed in the Glass’s Guide and principally used in the UK.

You can’t buy this cover if…

  • Your vehicle is used for competition, road racing, pace making or off road use,

  • Your motor insurance is a Motor Trade insurance policy,

  • Your vehicle is used as an emergency service vehicle, heavy goods vehicle or mini-buses over 19 seats,

  • Your vehicle has been modified from the Manufacturer’s specification without your motor insurers agreement,

  • Vehicles over 3500kg gross weight.

  • Taxi’s & Minicabs , Driving School and Emergency Service vehicles, except where a supplementary premium of 10% is paid), any vehicle not listed in UK Glasses Guide or a kit car.

Warning: The above is a summary. Before purchasing please read the Terms and conditions of this policy carefully to ensure it meets your needs and you meet it’s eligibility criteria.

For full eligibility and policy Terms & Conditions please view the Terms and Conditions policy document.

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Agreed Value Gap Insurance