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You can open, download or print the policy Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) and Terms and Conditions booklet by clicking on the pdf document icon above. Our Initial Disclosure Document is also available to view.

Significant Exclusions

This policy does not cover….

1. Vehicles that are used for Hire & Reward (taxi, courier, chauffeur, mini cab), professional driving tuition or emergency vehicles (unless this has been declared and an additional premium has been paid),

2. If a claim is declined by your motor insurer – you will not be entitled to claim on this policy,

3. Finance outstanding at time of total loss where the balance outstanding exceeds the Agreed Value, or negative equity carried forward from a previous finance agreement,

4. Arrears or charges relating to arrears on your finance agreement (finance customers only),

5. Negative equity carried forward from a previous finance agreement is not covered by this policy.

6. The VAT element of any claim if it has been recovered as any part of a VAT return to you or your business (business customers only),

7. Vehicles not listed in Glasses Guide,

8. Any write-off claim where the insured driver of your vehicle was illegally under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs,

9. Claims which arise from theft, where your vehicle was left unattended and unsecured,

It's important to know..

1. Cover is only available for those who have purchased their car from a private seller (any time), or those who purchased their car from a dealer more than 180 days ago,

2. Policies are available for 1 to 4 year periods of cover and they cannot be extended once they expire, so please consider the period of cover carefully,

3. Policies cannot be transferred to another person,

4. Policies may be transferrable to another vehicle (providing the next vehicle meets the policy criteria). In the event of a transfer, cover cannot be extended or amended in any way. Whilst you may transfer cover or receive a credit of your unused premium without charge, the insurer charges £20 where you wish to cancel and receive a refund of premium.

The above list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the policy Terms and Conditions document for more details on policy limitations and exclusions. If you have any questions regarding the policies we offer, please feel free to contact us, click here to contact us.

* The policy Terms & Conditions and features apply to policies purchased from 1st October 2018, for terms and features on policies purchased before the 1st October 2018 please refer to your original policy documents issued.