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Gap Insurance report reveals dangers for consumers

The good, the bad and the downright ugly Gap Insurances. The Gap Insurance market which includes motor dealers and online providers is littered with some appalling policies, according to Gap Insurance specialists In a shocking report, reveal some Gap Insurance features that can cause unexpected consumer harm.   ...

Is Gap Insurance Worth It?

Do you really need Gap Insurance?

Facts about the risk. Whether you paid cash, financed or leased a new or used vehicle or motorcycle – there is a Gap Insurance option to protect you against a very real and potentially substantial risk. Statistics produced by the Association of British Insurers tell us that over 500,000 vehicles every year are written off and that equates to 57 ...


Car2cover Raising Money for Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer's Society - United Against Dementia

Hi, It’s Elaine from car2cover here. I am supporting Alzheimer’s Society as this is a charity close to my heart. My Nan suffered from dementia, my Mum is suffering from it and so many other friends & family have been affected by this sad, slowly progressive and cruel disease. Dementia devastates lives. By 2021, it’s predicted that one ...

Reasons to avoid motor dealer Gap Insurance

Why so many people choose us, and not their motor dealer.

We created this business in 2007 to provide you with a high quality low cost alternative to motor dealer prices and in many cases, their low quality cover. Every year, many thousands of people trust us to protect their pride and joy and many return again and again. Our customers include private individuals, businesses large and small, government d...


Customer Friendly Cover

More ‘customer friendly’ cover

Motor dealers usually choose to offer one type of Gap Insurance and often one period of cover and accepting what they offer can be a costly mistake. We offer four types of Gap Insurance and up to five periods of cover to enable you to choose cover to meets your specific requirements.  Not only do we offer a wider choice, we believe we offer more ...