The 'Rokit Williams F1 Racing' Synthetic Coat 

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General Traffic Dirt & Grime

The 'Rokit Williams Racing' Synthetic Coat paint protection formula is a complex acrylic matrix for protecting paint finishes.

It is one of the most advanced resins of it's kind on the marketplace. Synthetic Coat has been independently hardness tested by Scientific Material Internal (SMI) for aircraft manufacturer Boeing and was originally formulated for NASA.

This superb product protects all exterior paintwork and locks in showroom shine, eliminating the need to polish your car. Synthetic Coat has an active ingredient which repels dirt and grime making cleaning your car easier and quicker and prevents paintwork 'dulling' over time. 

Extremes Of Temperatures

The Synthetic Coat paint protection formula provides an additional and effective layer of protection against the effects of temperature extremes.

The most damaging of extreme heat in terms of your car’s overall appearance comes from UV rays and the sun. Paint can crack, upholstery will fade, and all rubber and plastic trim will eventually break down.

The best way to help slow damage to the interior and exterior of your car is to have a professionally applied protective coating. The coating acts as a sunscreen, the reflective properties of these materials helping to keep the most harmful parts of the sun away. 

£299 inclusive

Plant and Tree Sap

Sap will not immediately damage a car’s paint, but it should be removed as soon as possible. After a while, sap can etch through the paint’s clear coat, leading to discolouring and staining.

“The concentration of sap generally varies, so it is difficult to say what the short-term effects would be, but it will certainly cause paint damage if left untreated for a longer period of time,” says Leonard Raykinsteen, a paint material engineer at Nissan. 

The Rokit Williams Racing Synthetic Coat treatment will provide additional long term protection against sap and provides the added benefit of faster cleaning and sap removal. 

Ultraviolet Exposure

It's common knowledge that exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun will damage human skin. These powerful rays are widely acknowledged to oxidize and fade car paintwork, making vehicles appear older than they are and reducing their value. 

Sun faded paintwork is virtually impossible to match when a paint repair is required. This leaves owners with an ugly 'two-tone' effect.

Our Synthetic Coat is an added protective coating which will help slow  and reduce the effect of fading. There are a number of similar products in the market, but most can only be applied by motor dealers before vehicle purchase.

Interior protection

The Rokit Williams Racing Synthetic Interior Protector is an invisible resin based material.

The Protector covers every fibre of your upholstery with a film to help protect fabrics from spillages and everyday stains. The film resists soaking from hot and cold drinks, food particles and dirt, allowing treated surfaces to be simply wiped clean.

For leather upholstery, the Leather Protector is a water-based feed and protector, to help keep your leather supple and prevents drying out.

Our exterior and interior protection is included in our package price.


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