A fairer cooling off period

What are your rights if you wish or need to cancel your insurance within the cooling-off period? Insurers providing cover to UK policyholders are required to provide a 14 day cooling off period in which you are entitled to cancel your insurance. The cooling off period begins when you receive the insurance documents or when cover begins - whichever is later. Depending on which insurer you choose, if insurance is cancelled within the cooling-off period, some might charge for the period of time they have been at risk and some may also charge a small administration fee to cover the cost of administration. A fairer cooling off period arrangement According to company Director, Elaine Scott, car2cover.co.uk have negotiated insurance arrangements that break the mould and treat customers more fairly and transparently. In providing more detail, Elaine Scott stated;

"Firstly, our insurer provides an extended cooling off period of 30 days. Secondly, if insurance is cancelled within the cooling off period - our insurer does not charge for the period the policyholder has been on cover. Instead, a small administration fee of £15 is charged to cover the costs they incur when a policy is cancelled. If a policy is cancelled before it starts, the administration fee is not charged, or if a cancelled policy is being immediately replaced with another arranged by car2cover.co.uk, we will bear the cost of the administration fee."

The company spokesperson went on to confirm their stance on other charges too;

"Not cooling off period related, but our insurer does not charge for;

  • Making an address change to a policy

  • Making a registration number change to policy

  • Transferring a policy"

The lovely people at car2cover.co.uk consider this to be an extremely customer friendly approach to its policyholders - and we hope its customers agree.


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