New Gen-3 Ceramic Glasscoat vehicle protection launched

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

To provide an upgrade option from the standard Polymer paint and upholstery treatments sold by motor dealers, has entered into a new partnership with the manufacturer of Gen-3 Glasscoat Ceramic Paint and Upholstery Protection. Gen-3 Glasscoat is the only ceramic coating tested and approved by Boeing. It is a Liquid Glass Hardened Ceramic Vehicle Protection approved by 17 car manufacturers and the Worlds leading hyper-car manufacturer, Koenigsegg. GEN-3 Glasscoat is an enhanced complex formulation, carefully applied by highly trained vehicle finishers, a treatment which bonds onto your vehicle’s paint surface creating a hardened and long lasting Ceramic coating. The advanced NASA invented hydrophilic formulation technology helps to shed debris and grime and makes cleaning much easier. Gen-3 Glasscoat is extremely resilient to all types of environmental pollutants and damage. GEN-3 Glasscoat displays exceptional resistance to the effects of car washes, solvents and animal matter. This helps keep your vehicle looking newer for longer and negates the use of waxes, polishes or conservers. For more information visit the UK's leading Paint & Upholstery Protection provider at Gen-3 Glasscoat can be applied to your vehicle at your home or place of work!


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