The Cheap Gap Insurance Minefield.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In our hunger to pay the lowest price possible for any product or service, millions of UK motorists have found to their cost that lowest price insurance can be insecure or riddled with claim reducing clauses. To achieve the lowest online price and attract 'price shoppers', insurers and brokers often add clauses that reduce the policyholders ability to claim, or reduce what they pay when a valid claim is made. Others may also use small financially weak insurers who may not be in business when a claim is made. Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Services Compensation Scheme websites show over 30 small insurers have become bankrupt leaving policyholders stranded and out of pocket. So, how can you avoid falling into one or both of these traps? First, you need to shop for insurance differently. It is simply a promise on paper. The finer details of that promise will differ from one insurer to another and it's extremely rare to find two insurance policies of the same type with the same clauses. The differences in the small print could prevent you from claiming or result in a substantial claim underpayment or even having an insurer who is at risk of going out of business. These 'not so obvious' dangers are particularly important when it comes to multi year insurances such as;

  • Gap Insurance

  • Scratch & Dent Insurance

  • Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • Tyre Insurance

These types of insurance can only be purchased within a limited time after taking delivery of a vehicle, which means you won't have the opportunity to shop elsewhere for better if you later find a flaw. This limited period availability also means if your insurer goes broke - you will be left uninsured and unable to re-insurer anywhere in the market. Our advice is to look carefully at the lowest price policies and compare the terms and conditions with others a little more expensive. With a little care, an evening paying attention to this detail could save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds later. Always insist on a 'rated' insurer as they will almost certainly be in business when you need to make a claim. Don't confuse 'rated' with the customer review stars we are all familiar with. The review stars are an indication of their customers insurance purchase experience and not an independent professional statement of their financial ability to meet its customers claims. The UK's longest established provider of these products, is backed by an global 'A' rated insurer and is happy to provide free expertise and help to anyone considering these insurances. Visit or call them on 01438 870615.


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