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Return To Invoice Gap Insurance

How it works, who it can help, claim examples and full terms and conditions.

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How this works?

In the event of a write-off, Return To Invoice Gap Insurance will 'top up' what your motor insurer agrees to pay - back to the price you originally paid your motor dealer. This cover helps cash buyers protect their outlay.

If you financed via your motor dealer and the finance settlement is more than you paid for the vehicle, this cover will clear your debt. It pays up to whichever figure is the highest - your vehicle purchase price or the outstanding finance - if you have financed of course!

Who this might be of help to?

Return To Invoice Gap Insurance is available for dealer supplied new and used vehicles purchased with cash, personal loan or a dealer arranged HP or PCP agreements. Cover is available for vehicles up to 10 yrs old and under 100,000 miles at the start of the policy.

These are multi-year policies that cannot be renewed, extended or purchased again on expiry.

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A Typical Example

Let's assume you have purchased a car for £20,000.00.
Two years later, it's stolen and not recovered. Your insurer agrees to pay the market value of £13,000.00. Without this insurance, you would have lost £7,000.00.


In this example, Return To Invoice Gap Insurance will pay that £7,000.00 loss to help return you back to the price you paid.

A write-off can be caused by theft, accident, fire or flood.

How Financed Vehicles Are Covered

If your finance balance is less than the vehicle purchase price at time of write off, your finance will be settled and the surplus returned to you to use as a deposit for your next car.


If the finance balance is higher than the purchase price and it's a dealer arranged HP or PCP agreement, your finance balance will be settled leaving you debt free. 


All of the above are simple summaries and all insurances are subject to terms and conditions which are provided above.

You may have more than one Gap Insurance to choose from..
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