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Scratch and Dent Insurance the risks it covers

1. Stone chips

Stone chips are virtually impossible to avoid. If left unattended, they can diminish the appearance of your car and can allow corrosion to set in or worse, water under the laquer coat of your paintwork leading to blistering.

A self repair often seems like a simple task, but an unskilled attempt can leave the chip looking like a painted pimple.

The risk of stone chips is high. Motorists who wish to have paintwork defects carried out by trained technicians can insure that risk. If that sounds like you, our Scratch and Dent Insurance might be of interest.

2. Dents

Does this sound familiar? You find the most remote and empty parking space in your supermarket car park. When you return, people have parked both sides and you later find that one has opened their car door onto yours causing a dent. It happens - often. 

Dents are a very visible and distracting form of bodywork damage. Whilst unlikely to deteriorate (unless paint surface is broken), they do reduce a cars value.

Unlike stone chips which some might chance a DIY attempt, dent removal is a skill that requires some specialist tools.


3. Scratches

Scratches to your car bodywork are frustrating. If not repaired quickly, they can allow corrosion to set in, or worse, water under the laquer coat of your paintwork leading to blistering.

The emergence of mobile repair processes is now widely accepted and used by motor dealers and motorists alike.

To claim for minor cosmetic repair on your motor insurance would lead to premium increases and payment of high excesses. Scratch and Dent Insurance takes care of this for you and with our policy, there is no excess payable.

4. Scuffs

Scuffs are those abrasions that usually occur to your plastic bumpers and front valence and door mirror casings.

Scuffs may or may not be your fault but they can happen when you can least afford to have them repaired. If left unrepaired, the damage could deteriorate and cost even more to repair.

A small investment now in Scratch and Dent Insurance could be an extremely worthwhile purchase. Once in place, the claims team will arrange for a highly trained technician to visit you at your home or place of work to carry out your repair.

5. The Facts

  • Most people have suffered some form of minor cosmetic damage

  • Claiming minor damage on your motor insurance will increase your premiums on renewal, and is likely to impact upon your no claims bonus

  • Claiming minor damage on your motor insurance will result in the payment of an excess

  • SMART is an acronym of Small Minor Accident Repair Technology

  • Paying for minor damage is not something you would normally budget for

  • In our opinion, Scratch and Dent Insurance can be good investment


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