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What will it do for you?

“ Tyre Insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of tyres (including winter tyres) that have been accidentally or maliciously damaged – including; kerbing, puncture and pot hole damage. Up to 10 claims can be made (maximum of 5 claims for replacement tyres and maximum of 5 claims for puncture repairs). A choice of £300 or £150 cover per tyre is available and cover can be purchased for 1 – 4 year periods.”

"Having woke this morning and checked the bank account it is a huge relief to confirm we are in funds to the tune of £26,441.69. I cannot thank you all enough for this back to invoice GAP payment......I can confirm that your policy has indeed lived up to the claimed benefit `back to invoice’ and for that - I thank you"

Mr A Preen, February 2019

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Can I buy it?

It’s a fact

Tyres by their very nature are particularly exposed to damage caused by debris and broken road surfaces. Today’s low profile and run flat tyres can be extremely expensive to replace and damage can often occur when we least expect it and can least afford it.

An increasing number of car manufacturers now use a tyre technology called ‘Run Flat tyres’ for reasons of improved safety and driver convenience. This technology dramatically improves driving safety if a puncture occurs at high speed, because Run Flat tyres are designed to remain intact and in shape in the event of a deflation. The reinforced side walls are normally capable of bearing the weight of the car for up to 100 miles at 60 mph. From a convenience point of view, this also means if you get a puncture at night or during poor weather, there is no immediate need to stop and fit the spare wheel.

Why is Tyre Insurance in such demand?

This safety and convenience comes at a cost. Run Flat tyre prices are slightly more than low profile tyres and they range from £150 – £400 depending upon make, size and rating. A typical Run Flat tyre on a mid-range BMW 5 Series for example, could cost in the region of £250 – £400 to replace.

Run Flat tyres are not currently repairable, therefore even if you experience minor damage such as a puncture – the tyre will almost certainly need to be replaced. Other tyres including Low Profile tyres rarely survive a sudden puncture or damage caused by kerbing or pothole damage and in these circumstances, a replacement is almost inevitable

Vehicle tyres are at high risk of damage. They absorb the rigours of day to day driving on pot holed and debris littered roads, whilst carrying the weight of the vehicle, its passengers and luggage.

Unlike bodywork damage, tyre damage cannot be left unattended. It can render your vehicle unroadworthy and unsafe.

Tyre Insurance can provide valuable cover for up to four years - despite the exceptionally high risk of damage occurring. Why is it your fully comprehensive insurer will not cover tyres?

So, do you need it and is it a worthwhile investment and good value? – That is for you to decide, but you must agree there are compelling reasons to give it serious consideration.

We know you will not find a better Tyre Insurance product*

  • All sizes of low profile and run flat tyres covered,

  • Up to 10 claims, 5 for puncture repairs and 5 for tyre replacements,

  • Cover levels of £300 or £150 per tyre/per claim to choose from,

  • Up to £50 per puncture repair is paid,

  • Major ‘A’ rated insurer with London branch and UK claims team,

  • European travel covered for up to 60 days per trip,

  • Winter tyres covered,

  • Choose your preferred tyre retailer,

  • Includes the cost of replacement valve and balancing,

  • No excess to pay,

  • No wear and tear deduction - unlike other online and motor dealer policies,

  • No limit to the number of claims per year (max 10 claims in full period of cover),

  • Subject to no claim being received, change your vehicle early and we will credit the unused premium against a new policy,

  • Replacement tyres paid for by this insurance remain insured by this policy,

  • Our policies cover new and used cars and light vans,

  • Modified vehicles are covered by our policies providing we have given prior agreement ,

  • 1 – 4 year periods of cover available,

  • FREE policy administration. No charge for changing address or registration number

  • Policies can be cancelled (beyond the 30 days cooling off period) providing no claims have been made. A £20 cancellation fee is charged – except where a new policy is purchased in which case no fee is charged.

The above list represents some of the key benefit features, please refer to the full policy Terms and Conditions for greater detail. Always read the policy terms & Conditions before buying anywhere!

Warning: Tyre Insurance is not transferable, renewable or extendable. Always choose the correct period of cover to meet your needs.

* The policy Terms & Conditions and features apply to policies purchased from 1st October 2018, for terms and features on policies purchased before the 1st October 2018 please refer to your original policy documents issued.

You can buy this cover if…

  • Your car or van is under 7 years of age and less than 70,000 miles at the start of cover,

  • You purchase cover within 30 days of vehicle delivery,

  • Your car or van's invoice price did not exceed £125,000 at time of purchase,

  • Your vehicle is listed in the Glass’s Guide and principally used in the UK,

  • You acquired your vehicle from a bona fide vat registered dealer or leasing/contract hire company,

  • You are not purchasing this policy to make a claim on pre-existing tyre damage,

  • You have read the eligibility and policy Terms & Conditions. Please view the Tyre Insurance policy document.

You can’t buy this cover if…

  • Your vehicle is used for competition, road racing, pace making, hire and reward or driving tuition,

  • You wish to cover a motorcycle or motorhome,

  • Your vehicle has been modified – unless we have agreed to it,

  • Your vehicle is not listed in Glasses Guide or is over 3500kg GVW or is a kit car.

  • You are purchasing cover to claim for pre-existing damage.

Warning: The above is a summary and not an exhaustive list. Before purchasing please read the Terms and Conditions of this policy carefully to ensure it meets your needs and you meet it’s eligibility criteria.

For full eligibility and policy Terms & Conditions please view the Terms and Conditions

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