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Policy Information and Terms & Conditions


Insurance Product Information


Initial Disclosure Document


You can open, download or print the policy Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) and Terms and Conditions booklet by clicking on the pdf document icon above. Our Initial Disclosure Document is also available to view.

Significant Exclusions

This policy does not cover….

1. Claims made in the first 14 days of the policy,

2. Claims where tyre tread depth at time of claim is below the legal minimum,

3. Cosmetic damage unless the damage renders the tyre unroadworthy,

4. Tyres that do not carry an ‘E’ mark,

5. Any repairs or replacements that have not been given prior authorisation by the Claims Administrator,

6. Pre-existing damage,

7. Damage caused by improper use of the vehicle, ie incorrect tyre pressure, wheel alignment, balance or defective steering or suspension,

8. Theft of your tyres

9. Consequential loss,

10. Claims where you have not followed the correct claims procedure. It is important to contact the claims team before going ahead with any repair or replacement. Please refer to the 'Making A Claim' section within the policy Terms & Conditions available to view above.

Please be aware:

1. Policies must be purchased with 30 days of taking possession of the vehicle,

2. Policies are available for 1 to 4 year periods of cover and they are not renewable or extendable and cannot be purchased again upon expiry - so please consider the period of cover carefully,

3. Tyre Insurance is not transferable to another person or vehicle.

The above list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the policy Terms and Conditions document for more details on policy limitations and exclusions. If you have any questions regarding the policies we offer, please feel free to contact us, click here to contact us.

* The policy Terms & Conditions and features apply to policies purchased from 1st October 2018, for terms and features on policies purchased before the 1st October 2018 please refer to your original policy documents issued.