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As a specialist insurance broker we design, refine and perfect our insurance policies with the co-operation of our independently 'A' rated insurer. We could tell you how good our policies, insurers, prices and service levels are - but you expect us to say that! So here are some of our recent customer comments;

Compared to dealer

"Excellent cover at an excellent price. £230 cheaper than the car dealer and a better cover"

"Excellent standard of cover for half the price of dealer sold GAP"

"Very happy with service and the price which was £150 cheaper than dealer had quoted. Result."

"Undeniably cheaper than the car dealer. Brilliant. Thank you Car2cover. 5 Stars"

"Very helpful and friendly and much cheaper than the gap insurance offered by my garage"

"Great cover at a great price. Massively cheaper than the insurance i was offered from the car dealership"

"Very competitive price and significantly cheaper than the main dealers"

"Excellent price for the cover"

"Great product at the right price"

"The perfect package of excellent coverage at an exceptionally price"

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Claim comments

"Having woke this morning and checked the bank account it is a huge relief to confirm we are in funds to the tune of £26,441.69. I cannot thank you all enough for this back to invoice GAP payment"

"This company is very easy to do business with. The website is very easy to use and when I had to make a claim a couple of years ago, they handled it very efficiently. Would recommend to anyone."

"I was so glad I purchased Gap Insurance from you four years ago. The claims service was amazing and fast. Without this policy I would have lost a fortune It goes without saying I have already purchased Gap from you for my next car - and again the customer service team were incredibly helpful and friendly. Thanks from a very happy customer"

"I've used this company many times and always find them helpful with great service"

"Definitely would not go anywhere else, good prices and excellent customer service"


"Excellent service and knowledgeable help staff I highly recommend them"

"car2cover is the best"

"Outstanding service with friendly, professional and timely advice and support. A round of applause from me"

Customer service - trusted by thousands every year since 2007

4.9 out of 5 on Trusted Shops

The above are samples of comments made within reviews taken from independent review collector 'Trusted Shops' All reviews are genuine reviews and available to read in full here 

We are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have been since 2007.

The Financial Conduct Authority is our industry watchdog. We are directly authorised and regulated by them. This means the FCA monitor access to our service and financial performance every six months to ensure we are meeting their requirements.

FCA Authorised

All policies arranged by us are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

All insurances arranged by us and our website are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. To read how this protects you, please read our full policy terms and conditions document.


If you change your mind within 30 days, we'll refund your premium less a £15 administration fee. 

We uniquely have over 40 years experience in vehicle sales and specialist supplementary vehicle insurances.  When it comes to Gap Insurance, we are experts - it's what we do. All our staff are mature and highly experienced.

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