Car Paint and Upholstery Protection

with an ownership lifetime guarantee - and we apply the coating at yours.
Most UK areas covered and include pre clean and Williams F1 Racing aftercare kit and bag.

4.9 out of 5 on Trusted Shops

by Rokit Williams F1 Racing

Just £299**

Our product is skilfully applied by an experienced vehicle coating technician at your home or place of work. Your vehicle will be given a pre coating clean and your technician will be happy to answer any questions..

How do you coat my car?

Our cars are continually at the mercy of the elements inc weather, air pollutants, tree sap and bird lime. Our Williams F1 synthetic coat provides an extra layer of guaranteed protection for as long as you own the car.....

Why do I need it?

When your coating is applied, you'll be given a Williams F1 aftercare kit and an ownership lifetime guarantee! To the best of our knowledge, this is the only product of this type with an ownership lifetime guarantee!*

Lifetime Guarantee*

Since 2007 has been a consumer champion. We offer a range of high quality motoring products at a fraction of the price charged by your motor dealer, without compromising our service or your satisfaction.


Williams F1 Racing Synthetic Coat is available in most UK areas**,  providing your vehicle is in good condition, undamaged and free of marks or blemishes. Vans and pickups are eligible if not used for business. 

Can I buy it?

Your dealer will offer a similar product with a name you won't recognise. Our Williams F1 Racing product is a name synonymous with advanced technology, so you can be sure of high quality at an outstanding price!

car2cover or dealer?

* The above is a brief overview only. Please refer to the Guarantee Documentation for greater detail. 


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