Your right to cancel

Paint and Upholstery Treatment

Effective February 2020 -

This document tells you about Your right to cancel Your order with Us for our Rokit Williams Racing Synthetic Coat paint and upholstery Treatment.

Who we are

Click2protect UK Limited is a nationwide online insurance intermediary. We also provide other non-insurance goods and services from time to time. We own and operate the online trading name of, a website owned by Us since February 2007.

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  • You/Your/Yourself  - the purchaser of the Rokit Williams Racing Synthetic Coat treatment

  • We/Us/Our - Click2protect UK Limited t/a, The Officers' Mess, Royston Road, Duxford, CB22 4QH

  • The Goods - the physical Treatment product.

  • The Services - the applying of the Treatment to Your Vehicle by a Technician

  • Treatment - the Williams Racing Synthetic Coat physical fluids, cloths and bag, sometimes referred to as the The Goods

  • Technician/s - an independent business approved by the Treatment manufacturer for the application of the Treatment

  • Your Vehicle - the vehicle for which You purchased the Treatment

Your order with us

1. When You purchase a 'Rokit Williams Racing Synthetic Coat' paint and upholstery
Treatment from Us, the price You pay includes a physical product cost for the Treatment (The Goods) and the cost of applying it to Your Vehicle, (The Services), by one of Our network of approved vehicle Technicians


2. Upon receipt of payment for the combined goods and services, Your Treatment pack will be mailed at our cost to one of Our network of vehicle Technicians. We are not a stockist of Treatment packs. We purchase each pack directly from the UK manufacturer on a distribution agreement on a non-return basis.

3. When
Your Treatment pack arrives with the Technician, they will contact You to make an appointment to visit You at Your home or place of work, providing Your place of work is in the Technicians opinion, within reasonable and acceptable travelling distance. Applying Your Treatment can take 1 - 2 hours. If time is important, please ask the Technician when making Your appointment. Please also be aware, some Technicians will be travelling a distance and may incur delays on the route. Neither We, or the Technician accept any responsibility for late arrivals and delayed completion times in these circumstances. 

4. Applying
Your Treatment is weather dependent. Technicians cannot apply Treatment in rain, or at temperatures of 3 degrees centigrade or less, or over 25 degrees centigrade. Please remove or securely store all personal effects and leave all areas of upholstery clear. Neither We, or the Technician will accept any responsibility for missing or damaged items left in Your Vehicle. The Technician will perform a pre-treatment preparation clean before applying Your Treatment. If You wish to avail Yourself of other detailing services during this process, please make arrangements and payments directly with the Technician.

5. On completion of  
Your Treatment, it is Your responsibility to inspect and check the quality of finish. If You are unhappy in any way, You must ask the Technician to resolve Your concerns. Neither We or the Technician accept any responsibility for faults, quality or omissions subsequent to the Technicians departure. On completion, the Technician will provide You with a Rokit Williams Racing bag containing an aftercare kit.


Your right to cancel

You have a right to cancel Your purchase and receive a refund. You have a right to cancel within 14 days of order and payment and We have 14 days in which to refund You.

You pay Us for Your Treatment, We are financially committed to pay for The Goods on a non-return basis. In doing so, You are asking Us for The Services to be provided during the cooling-off period and We are therefore entitled to deduct Our costs from Your refund if You cancel. Our costs in relation to the purchase and transportation of The Goods and the charges We are committed to pay for the Technicians cancelled appointment are £75.00. This will be the sum deducted from Your refund if You choose to cancel. 

Please consider
Your purchase carefully and make sure the Treatment meets Your needs before purchase.

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, things can go wrong.
Your Vehicle may need to be temporarily or permanently returned for merchantable quality or other reasons. Please make sure You are satisfied with Your Vehicle before ordering Your Treatment with Us.

To cancel, simply email us at or call us on 01438 870615.

We operate on a non advised basis

This means You will not receive advice, recommendation or any suggestion of suitability from Us. We will provide You with all the information You require about the Treatment and You will need to make Your own choice about how to proceed.


Click2protect UK Limited
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The Officers' Mess
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tel : 01438 870615

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