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Recently changed, or about to change your car?

We offer the most comprehesive vehicle protection insurances - at low online prices!

5 star Trusted Shops rating

Check out our range of insurances below and build no obligation quotations!

How to beat your motor dealer.

TV's Jamie Lowe describes why motor dealers are so expensive and why buying insurance from insurance experts is preferable.

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Had car2cover Gap Insurance for a number of years now. They were above excellent when I needed to make a claim - and more recently were really helpful when I had to make a change to a policy cancellation and new policy start date due to a change in collection date. Would 110% recommend.

Mr D Street - Derbyshire

"During my search, I found car2cover to be head & shoulders above the rest. An 'A' rated insurer, better cover than their competitors, a 5 star rating and half the price of my dealer."

Buy two or more policies for the same vehicle and enjoy low online prices plus up to an extra £30 multi policy discount!

Offer excludes motor insurance and paint & upholstery treatments.



The insurance products available on this website cannot be purchased directly from any insurer. Instead, insurer's provide cover through motor dealers or specialist online insurance intermediaries - and we are one of the longest established and most experienced in this market, having been online since 2007.

Our business was formed by ex main franchised dealer individuals who have over 40 years experience retailing these products from motor dealers and subsequently from our hugely popular website Our Director's are highly customer focussed and enjoy frequently taking incoming customer calls and enquiries. It's an excellent way for us to constantly make changes to what we do - to improve our customer experience. 

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and all insurances are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and Financial Ombudsman for your maximum protection.



We are proud to boast we are genuine 'experts' in our markets and we use that expertise to 'design' our insurances to work in the way you would expect them to. We do not accept the insurers standard terms and conditions. Instead, we take them, mould and improve them and only make them available to the consumer when they meet our high standards. That's why you wont find an identical policy anywhere else.

We understand not all customers are insurance experts and they may not understand the jargon or know what to look for and avoid in the small print. For this reason, we make sure we describe our products in a way that is easy to understand and we help create insurance terms and conditions to match.

We are not a broker. We do not offer the same product from a variety of insurers. We are an intermediary who chooses the most secure insurer we can find and one that allows us to design what we believe to be the best cover on the market. This gives our customers maximum security and peace of mind combines with probably the best cover in the market at the most competitive prices.



You have a choice of suppliers including your motor dealer, specialist intermediaries like us and some comparison websites. So why do we think you should trust in us?

Motor dealers are vehicle specialists, they are not insurance professionals. They sell insurance as a secondary profit, usually at extortionate prices and often cover includes some 'unfriendly' clauses. Other intermediaries like us (including motor dealers) use small financially weak insurers. Given there has been approximately 38 financially challenged insurers enter into liquidation in recent times, we only use an independently financially assessed as 'A' rated insurer and you can read more about them here. We do that because we want your insurer to be there when you need them most - at time of claim. For that we may be a few pounds more, but we think its worth it. Millions of UK motorists who's insurer no longer exists now wish they had paid a few pounds more too.

We are a little different. We are an independent Cambridgeshire based company with UK staff who love coming to work to help people understand the insurances we offer. Our testimonials are collected by a third party company, independently verified and available to view at TrustedShops. We don't just aim to give you great prices, it's important for us to give you best cover with a sound insurer.

Comparison websites should be used with caution. People assume policies compared will provide the same cover, when in fact they don't. Some insurers design a very basic cover specifically for comparison websites to enable them to look price competitive. Always read the terms and conditions and compare the detail with policies not on comparison sites.

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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."


I W Leicestershire

This company is very easy to do business with. The website is very easy to use and when I had to make a claim a couple of years ago, they handled it very efficiently. Would recommend to anyone.


J S Lancashire

Claim settled very quickly

These testimonials are voluntarily submitted by our policyholders to the independent review collecting organisation 'Trusted Shops'. All reviews are verified by them and published on their website. Images provided are not images of our policyholders


JB B London.

This is the third policy I have had. I claimed once on a previous policy 3 years ago and service was prompt, efficient and quibble free

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