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Us and the FCA

Our business is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is the industry watchdog for the insurance and other financial services industries.

The FCA provides a register of authorised firms and our registration number is 670499. You can inspect our listing using this link.

The FCA requires us to provide a great deal of information about our business - every six months. In this way, the FCA can assess our financial stability as an insurance intermediary and measure other aspects of our business performance in terms of sales statistics, complaints and much more.

We operate on what is called a 'Risk Transfer' basis. This means any premium you pay us, is treated by the insurer as if it were paid to them directly. All premiums received by us are collected on behalf of the insurer and passed to them. Likewise, if you cancel for a refund, we pay you on the insurer's behalf and it is received by you as if it were paid directly to you by the insurer.


FCA building London
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