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Why not have a Liquid Glass Ceramic coating to your vehicle, at your home or place of work anywhere in the UK? 

Read more about the differences between DIY, motor dealer and professionally applied coatings below, or click the green price tag to get a quote and a discount on Ceramic Liquid Glass coating.

Motor Dealer or Professionally coated?

Motor Dealer

With over 30 years experience in the automotive industry, we know motor dealers choose to offer coating products that deliver the highest margins. In most cases this to the detriment of product quality. Furthermore, motor dealers will almost certainly use a car valeter to apply your coating and not a professional coating technician and you'll have to trust that the coating has been applied!



Full Ceramic Liquid Glass coatings require a specialist applicator. Someone who applies coatings for a living and has a wealth of experience in the process. The coatings offered on this website are applied at your home or place of work, anywhere in the Uk and you can rest assured your technician is well trained and experienced. You'll be there and witness the care and skill and be reassured to know the coating has been applied.

DIY or Professionally Coated?


DIY spray on products are short term coatings that are simply a Ceramic or Polymer polish. Whilst the coating does provide a similar effect to professional applications, it requires a re-application because it's not 'bonded' to the paint surface and is removed during several washes and polishes. These products will provide some degree of hydrophobic (water repellant) finish, but does not provide a great deal of UV or environmental road grime.


Professionally applied coatings require a great deal of pre-coating preparation and surface decontamination. These types of coating permanently 'bond' to the paint surface and fill the microscopic 'grooves' and 'crevices' in the paint surface*. No re-coating is necessary and these coatings provide a protection against pollutants, acid rain, colour fading effects of the sun, bird deposits, sap and general road traffic grime.

*The microscopic grooves in a painted surface and the effect of non DIY coatings.

Professionally Coated Option

Option 2

Gen-3 Evolution
Liquid Glass Ceramic

Gen-3 Evolution was developed by Nasa and is a complex ceramic formula with a hardened glass finish - 4 times thicker than other flouro polymer products and 10 times more durable.

Protects paintwork, wheels, glass, lights and even your interior. This treatment is aviation approved  under Boeing D6-17487-Revision R Approval.

DIY Coating Option

Option 3

Williams Racing 

For those who would prefer a DIY option, we offer a Williams Racing DIY kit including Nano Hydro Seal bodywork spray, Williams Fabric or Leather treatment plus five other products complete with a Williams Racing bag.

Williams Anchor
Professional Options
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Boeing D6-17487 Revision R Approval

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*for professionally applied Teflon or Liquid Glass Ceramic Coatings

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