Why can't you buy cover at any time?

When it comes to the sheer joy of shopping for and buying a car, insurance is probably not something that sits high on our ' list of wants or needs' until the deal is done. What's the rush, insurance can be purchased, transferred or renewed at any time right? Well, that may be the case with fully comprehensive motor insurance - but is certainly not the case for other insurances such as Gap, Tyre, Alloy Wheel or Scratch and Dent Insurance.

The 'limited time to buy' reference to these products isn't a sales ploy, it's a fact. Insurers of these types of risk will only make the cover available for a short period after delivery.

According to a leading online specialist for these insurances, car2cover.co.uk, the maximum period in which these policies can be purchased is;

  • Gap Insurance - 90 days

  • Alloy Wheel Insurance - 90 days

  • Scratch and Dent Insurance - 180 days

  • Tyre Insurance - 30 days

Elaine Scott, a Director of car2cover, commented that these limited periods of availability across the market can lead to customer risk and disappointment, "We receive a significant number of calls every day from customers who forgot to purchase within the cut off period. Whilst we do send enquirers a short series of emails to remind them, unfortunately, a good number of people either forget or delay because they think it's a sales tactic" These insurances are hugely popular and protect risks not normally covered or claimed upon within fully comprehensive motor insurance. If these insurances are on your radar, it might pay to get a quote from car2cover - doing so will trigger a series of timely reminder emails.


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