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Tyre Insurance

How it works, who can it help, claim examples and full terms and conditions.

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How this works.

Our UK's roads are littered with potholes and random debris.Together, these are the most common cause of Tyre Insurance claims. With an increasing number of tyres becoming non-repairable due to their Run Flat nature, or the use of a temporary re-inflation kit - Tyre Insurance is in demand.

Tyre Insurance will contribute towards the cost of replacing an unrepairable tyre or the cost of a puncture repair in the unlikely event a repair is possible. Our policyholders may choose their preferred repairer/retailer and there is no excess to pay per claim.

Who this might help.

If your tyres are Run Flat or you have a temporary re-inflation kit, you are most likely to need a new tyre - even in cases of a simple puncture. Instead of a £25 puncture repair - the cost is likely to be significantly more for a new tyre! 

Regardless of how careful you drive, potholes, nails and screws etc are almost impossible to avoid. Tyre Insurance provides useful financial protection and peace of mind and helps prevent unexpected expenses.

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Typical Examples.

Typical and most common claims include;

  • Kerbing damage,

  • Pothole strikes,

  • Nails, screws etc 

Unlike some Tyre Insurance policies in the market, ours does not make a claim deduction for the amount of wear the damaged tyre had at the time of claim. Please read our full terms and conditions below.

All of the above are simple summaries and all insurances are subject to terms and conditions which can be found above.

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