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Alloy Wheel Insurance

How it works, who can it help, claim examples and full terms and conditions.

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How this works.

Alloy Wheel Insurance provides cover for the cost of alloy wheel repairs. Alloy wheels are most commonly damaged as a result of accidental 'kerbing' when parking, pot hole strikes and general loose road debris.

Repairs are generally carried out at your home or place of work, by a highly trained team of alloy wheel refurbishment technicians. Our insurers approved repairer is 'Revive' a national network of minor cosmetic repairers.

Who this might help.

This cover is suitable for those who wish to avoid making ally wheel damage claims on their fully comprehensive motor insurance. Doing so could result in a higher premium on renewal, loss of no claims bonus and a hefty excess to pay.

With our Alloy Wheel Insurance, there's no excess to pay and in the majority of claims, all the repair arrangements are taken care of for you. This cover is available to new or used vehicles that were purchased from a franchised dealer within the last 90 days and covers cars under 7 years of age and less than 70,000 miles at the start of the policy.

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Typical Examples.

Typical and most common claims include;

  • Kerbing damage,

  • Damage caused by pot hole strikes,

  • Scratches 

These common forms of damage can if left unrepaired lead to corrosion and a negative impact on your car's value when you come to sell it.

It's Equally Helpful to Cash and Finance Buyers.

Whilst this is an extremely popular insurance for vehicles purchased with cash, two of the most popular forms of finance (PCP and Contract Hire) require you to pay for unrepaired alloy wheel damage when you hand the vehicle back. Alloy Wheel Insurance helps avoid those costs and keep your vehicle looking pristine for up to three years.

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All of the above are simple summaries and all insurances are subject to terms and conditions which can be found above.

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