We are proud to work with Fortegra.

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Fortegra was founded in 1978, in rural Georgia, USA. It now has headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. 


Fortegra is part of the Tiptree family of companies (TIPT) who trade on the NASDAQ and proudly claim an A.M.Best Financial Strength Rating of 'A-' 

Since 1978, Fortegra has grown to become the second-largest credit insurer in the USA and now offers over 50 diverse insurance and warranty products around the globe.

In 2017, the company expanded its geographical reach by opening offices in London, with the view to broaden its participation in a number of business sectors.


Fortegra underwrites powerful products and provides long-term financial stability that inspires consumer confidence.

Fortegra is a Lloyd's of London Admitted Partner with;

  • $1 Billion in Gross Annual Sales

  • $770 Million in Written Premium

  • $470 Million in Earned Revenue

  • $1.37 Billion in Total Assets