We have the balance.

Customers want the best policies at the best price.
We have policy terms and conditions that are different to anything else on the market. To put it simply, they are more customer friendly in a claim situation. They contain less exclusions and limitations in the terms and conditions. So, we have the best policies and we can prove it.
There may be cover a few pounds per year cheaper elsewhere, but they simply don't match up to our features. We achieve the best quality cover at low prices simply because of the volume we sell. Who benefits? - You.
Customers want some security and confidence to know their policy and premium is safe.
We and our insurers are Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). All policies are covered by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). It's as secure as any other insurance anywhere else. We've been on line for  7 years and plan to be for the next 70.
Our customers policies are not insured by us, we are simply a broker. All policies are administered and claims handled by the insurers claims team based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
Customers want to know the policy will pay when they make a claim.
Check us in Google search. If someone has been disappointed - it would have been published. Our insurers claims team paid over £9m in claims in 2012. If it's a valid claim - it's paid - no questions or wriggles. Simple.

Price Promise

Comparing price alone is missing the detail.
You know what they say, the devil is in the detail. Comparing the prices of a new car, electrical goods, camera, or a computer on-line is easy - because the identical product and product features are being offered by all the suppliers you compare.
It's different with Gap Insurance.
The various suppliers and motor dealers may call a policy by the same name and even quote for the same level of cover - but it's the terms and conditions that dictate what claim payment deductions an insurer will make. And guess what? Every supplier has different terms and conditions, even though some may be using the same insurer.
So, here's a confident offer.
Find a Gap Insurance with the same features as ours and we will not only match the price - we'll also reduce it by £10. What's not to like about that?

Customer Reviews

We enjoy a reputation which is envied by our competitors and valued by our customers who return time and time again and who often refer us to their friends and family. As one of the longest established specialist brokers on the internet we have received substantial numbers of genuine customer reviews which we retain on file for transparent public scrutiny. To read more about what our customers are saying about us and our products, click here..  

“Unique Gap Insurance since 2007 & independently rated 5 star policies”

If you have any concerns about buying Gap Insurance on-line, we thought you might like to watch a short video clip which tells you more about us, what protection you have when you buy from us and why we and our policies are different to anything else on the market. We encourage you to watch it from beginning to end – it will answer many questions you might have

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