Paint & Upholstery Treatment For Cars | Applied £199 |

The Rokit Williams Racing
Paint and Upholstery Treatment

"applied at your home or place of work"

Paint and Upholstery


      Available at any time for

  • New and used cars

  • New and used vans and pick ups that are not used for business purposes

  • Residents in most mainland UK areas

  • Those who wish to protect their paint and upholstery and reduce cleaning time

  • Undamaged vehicles in good condition and free of marks and blemishes

    Price quoted applies to most UK areas. 

    Price includes, Synthetic Coat Treatment materials,
    applying it to your vehicle at your home or place of work - and a Williams bag and aftercare kit.

How could this product protect you?

The 'Rokit Williams Racing' Synthetic Coat paint and upholstery treatment is a high quality product to help protect your vehicle paintwork and upholstery. This product helps protect paintwork against ingrained general and traffic grime, extreme temperatures, plant and tree sap and ultraviolet exposure.

"This product will help protect your vehicle paintwork and upholstery and will make cleaning your vehicle easier and quicker and eliminate the need to polish it."

Your motor motor dealer may have offered you a similar product at a significantly higher price. Their product may have been referred to as 'Supagard', Diamondbrite, Gardx, or Seal and Protect. All claim to work in a similar way. 

How and what this treatment protects

Car cleaning is a chore and can be a time consuming task. Often, the result is not as you would like. This task can now be reduced to a simple wash and leather to give you a showroom shine. Read more..

The buying and application process

Our Rokit Williams Racing Synthetic Coat will be applied by one of the products approved national network of detailers. We arrange for the detailer to contact you to make a mutually convenient....

Your ownership lifetime guarantee!

The Rokit Williams Racing Synthetic Coat paint and upholstery treatment is backed by an ownership lifetime guarantee. Unlike similar products, this does not require you to use an 'enhancer'....


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