Up to 70% off dealer prices and up to £25 extra discount?

Updated: Feb 5

You did it! You've chosen your next motor and endured the dealer's explanation of the various insurances you need to consider and you successfully held back the yawn. Their prices sounded a bit steep, so you swerved the dealers offer and decided to go check things out for yourself. Good job so far! Here's a little help to grab a great deal in the online jungle, safe in the knowledge the products are highly comprehensive, backed by a financially secure insurer and are up to 70% less than motor dealers. When you are next on the interweb, type in www.car2cover.co.uk. This website has been online since 2007 and specialises in Gap Insurance, Tyre, Alloy and Scratch & Dent Insurances. Their customers rate them 5 star and all policies are backed by a major 'A' rated insurer.

If you are considering buying more than one insurance for your vehicle, there's a £10 discount deducted from the total, £25 deducted from the total if you purchase three insurances - in addition to the already attractive online discounted prices! What's not to like about that! So, how does the company achieve its prices? Firstly, unlike motor dealers, they don't have to build in a profit for the motor manufacturer and dealership and they do not pay commission to a salesperson. Secondly, motor dealers are required to charge 20% Insurance Premium Tax and car2cover.co.uk are only required to charge 12%. The most significant reason for lower prices is 'volume' of business transacted with the insurer. As a national business selling to buyers of all vehicle brands, new and used, they naturally enjoy a significantly larger audience. The old adage 'when somethings too good to be true - it usually is' - is clearly wrong on this occasion. So, if you are looking for these types of insurance, look them up and enjoy!


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