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Scratch & Dent 

Can be purchased within 90 days of vehicle delivery

For vehicles 1 - 7 years old

Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance

Step 1.     

To qualify for cover you must first;

  • Upload a short video of your car body panels. They must be 100% free of marks or damage
  • Make sure your car is perfectly clean and dry for the video
  • Purchase cover within 7 days of receiving our video approval

Step 2.     

Creating your video

  1. Make sure your is perfectly clean and dry and unmarked

  2. Start at the front of your car to enable us to view its registration number

  3. Walk slowly around the car making sure to slowly video the full length and width of each panel

  4. Move on to the first panel

  5. Repeat the process until all body panels have been included

  6. Replay the video in full screen on a PC to ensure every panel looks clean and free of marks and damage before uploading

  7. Take a look at the screenshots and example video below to see what is required

Dirt, insects, or other marks or smears can look like damage on a video and will result in us having to reject your video, so please take a little time to get this right first time. Please shoot your video at the highest quality possible on your mobile phone or tablet. Videos provided by the car dealer before delivery are not accepted.

Step 3.     

Uploading your video

If you are shooting your video on your phone or other mobile device, QR scan this on and you'll have the upload page open and ready for your video. 
Video upload QR code.png

Your video will be reviewed within 24 hours of receipt, except weekends which may take a little longer. If approved, we will email to tell you and you may proceed to purchase cover within 7 days. If purchase is delayed beyond 7 days, a new video will be required for approval. If your video is not approved, we will email you and tell you why. You will have an opportunity submit one revised video.

Existing Damage

This insurance policy is not available for cars with existing paint damage or marks. If damage or non removable marks exist, you should first have it repaired and then apply for this cover.


To qualify for this insurance, we ask you to submit a short video of your car body panels to prove they are free of damage and marks. Details how can be found below.


Your video must be received and approved before purchasing cover. Policies purchased before video approval will be cancelled and refunded, less a £15 admin fee. 


Videos allow the insurer to verify that any future claim damage was not present when the policy was purchased. This helps prevent fraud and keep premiums low for everyone.

Example screenshots from customer videos
Take a look at how one of our clients shot his video;
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