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Top Up Gap Insurance

How it works, who can it help, claim examples and full terms and conditions.

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How this works

In the event of a write-off, Top Up Gap Insurance will 'top-up' what your motor insurer agrees to pay for your write-off by 25%, to a maximum total payout of £10,000.

This is the only annually renewable form of Gap Insurance and is also the only form of Gap Insurance that can be purchased at any time.

Who this might help

Top Up Gap Insurance is a simple way to reduce the loss of value or debt you experience if you suffer a write-off. This type of policy is available for new and used vehicles that have been purchased from a motor dealer or a private seller. 

Top Up Gap Insurance can be purchased for any car or light commercial vehicle that is less than 10 years old and under 100,000 miles at the start of the policy.

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A Typical Example

Let's assume you suffer a write-off and your motor insurer agrees to pay the market value of £15,000.00.

In this example, Top Up Gap would pay an additional 25% 'top up' of £3,750.00 giving you a total write-off payout of £18,750.00 with which to purchase a replacement.

If this vehicle had outstanding finance of £17,000.00, the finance would be settled and the surplus of £1,750.00 would be paid to you.

How Financed Vehicles Are Covered

Whilst Top Up Gap would pay 25% of your motor insurers payout, the total combined sum may or may not be sufficient to clear your outstanding finance. If it is, you keep the surplus, if it's not, you'll need to pay the balance.

Bear in mind, unlike other Gap Insurances, the benefit of Top Up Gap falls each year in line with your vehicles reducing value.



All of the above are simple summaries and all insurances are subject to terms and conditions which can be found above.

You may have more than one Gap Insurance to choose from..
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