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How does it work?

Alloy Wheel Insurance will pay for the cost of repairs resulting from accidental damage to your alloy wheels and allows up to 3 claims per 12 month period. This insurance is only available for vehicles supplied by a franchised motor dealer (eg Ford, BMW, Kia) or leasing company.

"Having woke this morning and checked the bank account it is a huge relief to confirm we are in funds to the tune of £26,441.69. I cannot thank you all enough for this back to invoice GAP payment......I can confirm that your policy has indeed lived up to the claimed benefit `back to invoice’ and for that - I thank you"

Mr A Preen, February 2019

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It’s a fact

Alloy Wheels are key focal points of any vehicle but are extremely susceptible to accidental damage caused by road debris or ‘kerbing’ whilst parking. Scuffed Alloy Wheels can adversely impact on the resale value of a vehicle and in some cases can affect the overall balancing of the wheel and tyre.

Our Alloy Wheel Insurance is available to motorists who wish to maintain the cosmetic appearance and protect the value of their vehicle without impacting greatly on their personal budget when damage occurs.

With three periods of cover to choose from, Alloy Wheel Insurance will pay up to £100.00 per repair and will provide up to three repairs in any 12 month period for up to three years. An excess of £10 per claim is payable. The insurers current approved alloy wheel refurbisher is an organisation called ‘Revive’, designated as an Approved Centre by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) Awards. You can learn more about ‘Revive’ by visiting their web site at

Please be aware: Chrome Effect, Split Rim and Diamond Cut alloy wheels are not covered by this insurance. If you are unsure about your alloy wheel type – please consult the dealership that supplied your vehicle. If cover is later cancelled by you, us, or the insurer due to ineligibility – the sum of £20.00 will be deducted from the refunded premium to cover costs.

Due to the high-risk nature of this type of insurance and the 30 day period in which it can be purchased, claims cannot be made within the first 14 days of cover and this period commences from date of policy purchase.

Why not combine it with Tyre Insurance and/or SMART Insurance?

Alloy Wheel Insurance helps retain the visual appeal and value of your vehicle. Scratch and Dent Insurance will do the same and will pay for minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle bodywork. Please see terms and conditions for more information.

Buy Gap Insurance at the same time and receive 5% off your total premium.

If you are considering purchasing Alloy Wheel Insurance and Gap Insurance or indeed any other product with Gap Insurance – we will be delighted to reduce your total premiums by 5%.

So, do you need Alloy Wheel Insurance it and is it a worthwhile investment and good value? – That is for you to decide, but if you are a proud owner or simply one that wishes to protect the value of their investment – then our Alloy Wheel Insurances could be well worth considering.

We know you will not find a better Alloy Wheel Insurance product*

  • All alloy wheel sizes are covered  but diamond cut, chrome effect and split rim wheels are not covered,

  • Refurbishments carried out by motor industry (IMI) award winning organisation,

  • Covers incidents in mainland Great Britain,

  • Repairs carried out at your home or place of work,

  • Up to three claims per 12 month period to a potential maximum of 9 in a 3 year period,

  • Minimal excess of £10 per claim,

  • Up to £100.00 paid per claim,

  • Where an alloy wheel is damaged and requires replacement, this policy will pay up to £100 toward a replacement wheel,

  • Repairs covered by a 2 year guarantee,

  • Major ‘A’ rated underwriter with UK claims team,

  • 1, 2 and 3 year periods of cover available, please be aware this cover is not extendable or renewable and cannot be purchased again upon expiry,

  • FREE policy amendments. No charge for changing address or registration number,

  • Policies can be cancelled (beyond the 30 days cooling off period) providing no claims have been made. A £20 cancellation fee is charged – except where a new policy is purchased in which case no fee is charged.

The above list represents some of the key benefit features, please refer to the full policy Terms and Conditions for full detail. Always read the policy terms & Conditions before buying anywhere!

Warning: Alloy Wheel Insurance is not transferable to another owner or another vehicle, renewable or extendable upon expiry, extendable or fully premium refundable if you subsequently cancel cover if you later find your wheels are not eligible for cover. In these cases, we deduct an administration charge of £20.00 from your refunded premium to cover costs. Always choose the correct period of cover for your requirements.

* The policy Terms & Conditions and features apply to policies purchased from 1st October 2018, for terms and features on policies purchased before the 1st October 2018 please refer to your original policy documents issued.

You can buy this cover if…

  • Your vehicle is under 7 years of age and less than 70,000 miles at the start of cover,

  • Cover is purchased within 30 days of vehicle purchase,

  • You reside in Mainland Britain,

  • You purchased your vehicle from a franchised motor dealer, either directly or via an internet broker, or leasing company,

  • Your vehicle invoice price did not exceed £125,000 at time of purchase,

  • Your vehicle is listed in the Glass’s Guide and principally used in the UK,

  • You are not buying this policy to make a claim on pre-existing alloy wheel damage,

  • You have read the eligibility and policy Terms & Conditions. Please view the Alloy Wheel Insurance Policy Document.

You can’t buy this cover if…

  • Your alloys are diamond cut, chrome effect or split rim. These types of wheel are excluded from cover,

  • You reside outside Mainland Britain,

  • Your vehicle has been modified, unless with our prior authorisation,

  • Your vehicle is used for competition, road racing, pacemaking or off road use,

  • Your vehicle is used as an emergency service vehicle, heavy goods vehicle or mini-buses over 19 seats,

  • Vehicles over 3500kg gross weight.

  • The following vehicles are not covered; Taxi’s, Driving School Tuition Vehicles, Minicabs, any vehicle not listed in UK Glasses Guide or over 3500kg GVW and kit cars.

  • You are purchasing cover to claim for pre-existing damage,

  • You are using the vehicle for business use other than travel to and from a permanent place of work.

Warning: The above is a summary and not an exhaustive list. Before purchasing please read the Terms and Conditions of this policy carefully to ensure it meets your needs and you meet it’s eligibility criteria.

For full eligibility and policy Terms & Conditions please view the Alloy Wheel Insurance policy document.

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